Houhora Harbour

Anchored in beautiful Houhora Harbour, the most northern accessible harbour in NZ and infrequently accessed by yachts.

No fish were caught today. Dinner is off shore tonight at the Houhora Game Fishing club.

Earlier today Annie tried out the paddle board again in 1 metre swells and an off shore breeze.

Houhora Harbour

Being balance challenged, as demonstrated by her skiing falls and frequent falls off bikes, she immediately fell flat on her face in the drink! Capn John, of course, had perfect balance and executed a turn about Karikari bay perfectly.


Author: Notre Vie

After a life spent sailing small and large yachts in New Zealand and around the Pacific islands, we are now up for a new adventure - exploring the European waterways.

3 thoughts on “Houhora Harbour”

    1. The harbour is hardly ever used because the presence of a sand bar prevents access in many weather conditions according to Cap’n John. Spent day exploring ashore and trying out the paddle board.


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