A Fishy Tale!

This past week has been spent around both Houhora and Whangaroa harbours.  We decided to stay near the top of NZ in case a better weather window opened up.

It has! So tomorrow, Sunday, we set sail for the Marlborough Sounds, expecting to be near D’Urville Island around Wednesday or Thursday.

Days have been spent walking tracks and scrambling over volcanic plugs in Whangaroa, catching fish, swimming and generally enjoying the fantastic weather! Tommo says it is as good as the trip to the Pacific in 2013! He has lived in togs!

As to the ‘fishy tale’….we have managed to catch enough fish for dinner most evenings. As in any ‘fish story’…there are the ones that almost, but not quite, get landed. For the fish that have made it aboard … Tommo has taken on the task of perfecting his filleting technique.

We may not have any internet access during our passage but will try to get a location update to a friend who will update the blog.


Author: Notre Vie

After a life spent sailing small and large yachts in New Zealand and around the Pacific islands, we are now up for a new adventure - exploring the European waterways.

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