Nelson Marina

We had a wonderful peaceful anchorage in Croiselles last night. Dinner was fish curry using the remains of a rather large kahawai Annie had caught the day before while trolling from D’Urville Island to Croiselles Harbour. Kahawai steaks were on the menu the previous night.

The one that didn’t get away!

After our usual morning swim we set off for Nelson. Currently tied up on Pier F for the next couple of days while we check out Nelson and restock the pantry and cellar.

Sally will rejoin the crew on Sunday and our plans are to cruise along the Tasman Coast near the Abel Tasman walk for a few days before Sally has to leave the boat in order to return home to England via San Francisco.


Author: Notre Vie

After a life spent sailing small and large yachts in New Zealand and around the Pacific islands, we are now up for a new adventure - exploring the European waterways.

One thought on “Nelson Marina”

  1. Ah, she’s a catamaran – my father was a big fan of them. Built his own, which my wife and I finally sank in the Canning River in Perth. Long story…


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