Fire! ?

Our fourth night on passage was from Cape Runaway to Tairua, a distance of 110 nautical miles.

During Tommo’s watch he thought an engine might have caught fire as he smelt burning. After checking we weren’t on fire he realised the smell was emanating from the active volcano, White Island, 15 miles from Alibi’s course.

Today we had a lovely sail, passing behind Mayor Island on our way to Tairua.

Negotiating the entrance to Tairua at low tide we touched the bottom! Having successfully entered the harbour we contacted the Harbour master to arrange a mooring. Oops! The mooring he directed us to snapped as soon as we picked it up.

The ferry master came alongside and directed us to his extra mooring, which we are safely attached to.

An eventful passage which the crew are celebrating in the time honoured tradition – a tot of rum!


Author: Notre Vie

After a life spent sailing small and large yachts in New Zealand and around the Pacific islands, we are now up for a new adventure - exploring the European waterways.

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