Wild Night!

After anchoring in Port Jackson on Friday evening we thought ‘relax, we are in home territory!’

Mmm! Well that was not going to happen!

Friday night was wild and not conducive to relaxing. Winds up to 40 knots buffetted Alibi and we had an anxious night. Up several times, setting an anchor alarm on our electronic equipment did not allay concerns as the alarm kept going off as we gradually moved further from the initial anchor spot during the night. Eventually Anne got up and kept an eye on the situation while John got much needed sleep having been up and down most of the night.

When dawn broke we had moved 41 metres from our original anchoring spot and no further. The sun was glorious and the wind died down to around 25 knots so finally we could relax!

The last 2 days we have been around Hautapu and Waimate island, catching fish, cleaning the hull and swimming…. generally enjoying the last few days of Alibi’s 2016 circumnavigation of the North Island.


Author: Notre Vie

After a life spent sailing small and large yachts in New Zealand and around the Pacific islands, we are now up for a new adventure - exploring the European waterways.

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