Circumnavigation completed!

Alibi reached home safely with the crew sad to see the end of a fantastic trip! Thanks to those who joined the trip along the way around the North Island: Sally, Paul and Charlie. Thanks to those who have followed the blog.

Bits of Alibi have been removed for repair. Tommo’s last job as First Mate was supervising the safe removal of the boom and ensuring no parts were harmed in the process! For ‘harmed’ we mean: lost overboard or dropped to the bottom of the sea! The boom was rather heavier than we anticipated and it took Capn John, Tommo and Charlie to do the job. John has had a few calls from the bloke repairing the boom. It would appear the damage is little¬†more extensive than first anticipated and will require a bit more of a fix up before we can put it back on Alibi. The trampoline repair was effected much more easily than anticipated. Capn John envisaged having to remove all the tracks in order to get it securely fastened back on the boat. However a simple matter of replacing the bolt ropes ensured the existing tracks were up to the job and the tramp is safely back on and we don’t have to be careful we don’t fall in the sea when walking up the front of Alibi.

A big, BIG thank you to First Mate Tommo for devoting the summer to sailing with the newlyweds!

Already discussing the next trip, but that will require getting more time off work or retiring!

'And it's good bye from Alibi'
‘And it’s good bye from Alibi’