Little Mahuki Island, Great Barrier

7 hours sailing from Waiheke to current location. Saw dolphins and fairy prions…birds dancing on the top of the water….en route! Met up with friends for dinner of scallops in white wine. Experimented with new paddle board. Goodwife Sally was concerned the wind was taking her back to Waiheke before being shepherded back to Alibi by the crew of a nearby yacht.


First catch of the day

Capn John and First Mate Tommo were ‘caught’ by a fishing net shortly after setting out this morning. On their way to pick up Goodwife Sally, Cabin boy Annie and the provisions from the beach @ Cockle Bay, they managed to get a net caught up on the rudders. Tommo had to dive in to free the entanglement. Next drama….wind picked up and made loading the dinghy off the beach a bit of a wet job with waves slopping over the bow! These mild irritations over we made for Pine Harbour to load up with water and fuel for the outboard motor.

Goodwife Sally, at the helm, navigated her way to our current anchorage. Shortly we shall jump overboard to gather scallops for dinner. Continue reading “First catch of the day”

The Voyage begins

Alibi is about to once again set sail on new voyages!

Captain John and Cabin Boy Annie, having just tied the knot, got spliced and become hitched, are setting off into the sunset …and the sunrise….on the good ship Alibi to explore the New Zealand coast, going where many have gone before.

The plan is to circumnavigate the North Island of New Zealand and head to the Marlborough Sounds.

We plan to slip our mooring at full tide in the morning, 14th January. First Mate Tommo and his goodwife, Sally, will join us as we set sail.